I have never met anybody like my father, he died untimely – Actress, Lilian Afegbai

Nollywood Actress, Lilian Afegbai had lost her 80-year-old father, Adams, following burn accident that happened on his farm in the Owan East Local Government Area of Edo State three weeks ago.

Speaking in a recent interview about the loss, She said, “My father’s wounds were already closing up, I think the doctors just mismanaged the situation. He had a heart attack during the surgical procedure. I didn’t think they should have performed the surgery yet. They should have waited for some time because he was scared. I have never felt this kind of pain in my life. The pain of losing him is unbearable. He was not meant to die yet. If it was his time, I would have been mentally ready. He died untimely. My mum and some close family members were outside the surgery ward while he was being operated on. Suddenly, a doctor announced to them that my father had given up. My mum did not believe the doctor’s report until they wheeled his corpse outside. Money was not a problem to take care of him but unfortunately, he died.”

She added, “I have never met anybody like my father. He was my best friend and more. People have fathers that stress them but I didn’t experience that. He was a happy and contented man. He didn’t care about frivolities. He liked politics and I can boldly say he left behind a good legacy. He just wanted to be a father to as many people as possible. He was a principled politician who did not soil his hands in dirty politics. I am just glad that I spoke to him in the morning before he died.”

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