I have done a movie that I had to go topless– Actress, Cynthia Godwin

Nollywood actress Okoronkwo Cynthia Chiamaka, well known as Cynthia Godwin, has opened up on how having a kid changed her life.

Speaking in a recent interview on how far she can go when interpreting a role, she said;

“I can go really far said the graduate of Mass Communication Imo State University. I have done a movie that I had to go topless to shoot a bathroom scene. I was wearing a short but then the way they shot the movie you would think I was all naked.”

On the BBNaija auditions;

“I was at the auditions but couldn’t get in because of the crowd. I had to run for my life. I was losing breath. When you have a large crowd of people sweating, the smell, the heat, everything was chocking. I couldn’t breathe well. Someone passed out and immediately I saw the guy pass out, I felt I was going to pass out”.

When asked if that was the worst experience she’s ever had, she said,

“I once had an experience where I almost drowned while swimming so that fear of not being able to breath, whenever I find myself in an environment that’s chocking, I get that kind of attack. But even that wasn’t the worst experience I’ve had. The worst thing that ever happened to me was getting pregnant for the wrong person. I didn’t know I was pregnant until after five months. After I found out, I was scared but happy at the same time.

“As much as I wanted my baby daddy to be part of my life at that time I was pregnant, he didn’t want to be in my life. I’d just gained admission into the Uni and he was in his 3rd year. He was young but if he wasn’t too young to get a woman pregnant, then he ought to have been there for me but he wasn’t.

On how the experience has changed her, she said;

“Having a child has changed my whole life has a person. If this child hadn’t come I think I would have gone astray. I think I wouldn’t have known my left from my right. But having a child has helped me to be focused. Every year I want to hit a target. So it has helped me in a good way. My child has always been my strength. I work hard, really hard because I know I have a child to take care of”.

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