I have been hurt, betrayed by love – Actress, Nazo Ekezie

Nollywood actress Nazo Ekezie in a recent interview, shares her experience with love and betrayal and how she perfectly handles the situation.

Her words: “Despite being young and beautiful, I have been hurt, betrayed by love in the past. It wasn’t an easy encounter, but I had to find a way to deal with it by being busy; work helps. I will not deny, I do cry a little and then get back to work but I don’t and can’t starve myself because of man. No way! I’m a foodie. We just have to eat well, while we wait on the Lord for a better man. I can’t come and die.”

Nazi Ekezie added, “I easily fall in love with kind people. I like kindness, I also easily love a man who is a feminist (support women’s rights) but an unkind person or man is a huge turn-off for me.”

On lesson learnt this year, she said: “2020 forced us all to take a step back and restart, that was what made 2021 a very good year for me. I saw everything from a fresh perspective and it really worked out well.”

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