“I have a say over my wife’s body and what she those with it” – Actor Akah Nnani

Nollywood actor and You Tuber has said he owns his wife’s body and that he has a say on what she does with it.

Taking to Twitter, Akah Nnani defended himself following the backlash he received on Twitter after his post which talked about women’s body saying Jesus told him that his wife body belongs to him.

He wrote; “I believe in the ‘We’ factor. When my wife breastfeeds, it’s we because I have afforded her the ability to, by washing the dishes, washing the bottles and sterilising them, waking up in the morning to make oats for her and making the process less stressful because if stress..”

“there will be no milk and she may not have the strength to even do it.

In the same vein, When I go out to work, it’s ‘We’ because my wife would take up night duty with the baby so that I wouldn’t sleep in my meetings or while driving on 3rd mainland bridge. It’s team work!”

“I have a say over my wife’s body and what she does with it. At the very least, to discuss it. Why? Jesus told me that my wife’s body belongs to me. And my body belongs to her. That’s on that. So all you misandrists screaming at the top of your lungs, scream more.“


“Most of you have had trauma in your life and interprete everything that happens around you with toxic energy. Remove the poison in your heart. Go for therapy. Not everytime gaslight. Sit down and have that talk with your partner. And move forward.“

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