I don’t have plans for Valentine’s Day, I’m not sure if I’m single – Actress, Seyi Hunter

Nollywood Actress, Seyi Hunter, says the Valentine’s Day experience she had in 2021 would not be forgotten in a hurry as she narrates her experience.

Speaking in a recent interview with Saturday Beats, she said’ “Last year (2021), on Valentine’s Day, I got a call to get dressed, so I did. I got all ‘dolled up’ and was picked up by my boyfriend. When we got to his house, I was greeted by a well-lit room, flourished with scented candles and red roses. We drank champagne and danced to the music playing in the background. Then, I was surprised with a beautiful dress to wear to dinner in the evening. We went to a hotel on Victoria Island, Lagos, and when I looked at the menu, I saw my name with my favourite dish labelled ‘Hunter’s delight’. After dinner, which was nicely arranged, we went up to the room, which was decorated with roses and lots of gifts. I gave him a nice ‘Nuhu’ massage and he had me for dessert. It was a romantic day of surprises and was my most memorable Valentine’s Day.”

On her plans for the ‘lovers’ day’ this year, she said, “This Valentine, I don’t have plans with anyone for now. It seems I am single, or there are people dating me that I am not aware of. It is an opportunity for me to eat junks and pamper myself. (The day) is likely going to be spent showing myself love.”

On Nigerian entertainers a intentionally leaking their sex tapes. The host of the ‘Sinful Friday’ vlog said, “It actually seems some of these guys (entertainers) are intentionally putting their sex tapes out there now, because it is getting too much. I am not judging anyone though. I have never done a sex tape with anyone and I don’t intend to. However, I have made a sexy video and sent it. So, anything can happen. However, I pray it doesn’t (get to the public domain) though. I am very protective of my family’s feelings.”


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