I don’t allow fame take over my privacy –Actress, Kate Henshaw

Ace Nollywood Actress, Kate Henshaw, in a recent interview with MOBOLA SADIQ spoke about her life in the public sphere for over 25 years.

The social advocate also spoke about her achievement in the movie industry. Exert from the interview as gathered by NEWSCASTARS.COM below:

How would you describe your achievements over the years in the entertainment industry?


My achievements in the entertainment industry have been very fulfilling and rewarding. I am happy to be a part of this growing industry.


What are some of your most memorable achievements as a public figure?


My most memorable achievements is being able to lend my voice and person to causes I am passionate about, concerning the girl child, women, nation-building and healthy lifestyle.


Your photos flooded social media on your 50th birthday and many commented on your good looks and fitness, how does that make you feel?


It makes me feel very happy. For years I have been showing people that fitness is the key to a healthy lifestyle and that there are no shortcuts. Looking after oneself enables you to thrive in every area of life. I am most grateful for life and good health, a loving and supportive family, good friends and colleagues.


Over the years, how have you coped with stardom or being in the limelight?


I have come to accept it as a part of my life but I try not to let stardom or being in the limelight take over my privacy. It is very important to find a balance.


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