I didn’t relocate to America because I was no longer getting acting jobs — Bigvai Jokotoye

Yoruba Actor, Bigvai Jokotoye, says those who say he left Nigeria because he was no longer getting acting jobs are ignorant.

Speaking with Sunday Scoop, he said; “For those who say I relocated because I was not getting roles anymore, they are just being ignorant. I actually relocated at the peak of my career. I relocated in January 2016. In 2015, I played the lead role in the movie, Kurukuru, alongside my boss, Odunlade Adekola. It was one of the best Yoruba movies then.

“The day I left Nigeria, I had over 18 scripts with me. Producers were all over me because everyone wanted me in their movies due to the success of Kurukuru. My jobs are still speaking for me. I returned some money to some producers in Nigeria because I could not feature in their movies anymore.”

On why he made a video saying Nigerians should not be discouraged from relocating abroad. Jokotoye said, “I have seen a lot of people discouraging Nigerians, saying that they should not relocate to western countries because they cannot do certain things in the snow. Before I did my own video, I was wondering why someone would tell others not to come (abroad). Why don’t they go back to Nigeria if they think living in a country where there is snow is difficult? That was what prompted me to make that video.

“Nigeria is not favourable, so I decided to look for greener pastures elsewhere. One can go to any part of the world and if God blesses one, that’s fine. There is nowhere one cannot make it. However, it is not easy anywhere in the world. One just needs God’s blessings. If one can ‘hustle’ in Nigeria, one can ‘hustle’ anywhere in the world. We are strong.

“I relocated abroad because I wanted my own family. My wife was born in America. There was no way she would come to Nigeria to live with me. I am a family person because of the way I was brought up. It was hard to leave them (in America). That was why I relocated.”

On those who criticised him for celebrating his US citizenship. He said, “For those who said it was wrong for me to celebrate my US citizenship, it is their cup of tea. They have a right to their opinions. Some people celebrated before me. Some people will still celebrate after me. In Nigeria today, many of those who support the government are those eating from their tables. These are the people who do not know their rights. Nigeria is not being fair to her citizens. The leaders only care for themselves.”

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