I didn’t have intimacy on BBNaija show because I didn’t want to forces myself on a man – Dorathy Bachor

The first runner up of the Big Brother Naija (Lockdown Edition), Dorathy Bachor, has opened up on how he has been coping with fame as he reveals that he now wake up to gifts daily.

Speaking with MOBOLA SADIQ, the reality start talks about her experience on the show, her love life, body positivity and other issues.

How much has your life changed after BBN?

Imagine waking up every day to gifts and goodwill messages. Everywhere I go, all I hear is my name and it feels different from three months ago when I woke up to uncertainties. I was hustling for contracts and dropping proposals from office to office, yet some people didn’t even give me audience then. But now, my life has gone from 0-1000. The Big Brother Naija platform has given me so much publicity. My life has obviously changed.

What made you partake in the reality show?

I have always been a fan of the show despite the public’s perception of it. I have always known that the platform makes stars and changes the lives of the housemates. I tried getting into the show in 2019 because I was at a point where I wanted more for myself. I wanted a platform where the world would see my personality, talents and I would be able to showcase my business.

As the last girl standing, did you think you would win the show?

I remember I told the host of the show, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, that I was optimistic about winning the money. I had already shared the money between my family members and had even bought tickets to go on a few trips. I was so excited at the final stage because I knew what the money could do in my life. However, I am grateful that I would still make as much as the grand prize. I have also collected the imaginary alerts I had sent to my family members.

Were you disappointed that you didn’t emerge the winner?

The first thing I did when the winner was announced was to hug Laycon. Before then, Laycon had been telling me I was going to be the winner. My response to him then was that we should have open minds because nobody knew what was happening outside the house. He never saw himself winning the show. He just wanted to promote his music, and he deserved to win.

There are usually lots of intimate relationships in the competition. Why didn’t you have one in the house?

Firstly, I am not somebody that forces herself on a man and I don’t know how to compete with other ladies for attention. Secondly, there was a lot going on about who wanted to be with who in the house, so I just decided to take a step back. I feel like friendship is a big deal and I value that more.

Will you make your love life public when you find your man?

I am a private person and I am shy about some things. I think people would only see things about my business, not my love life.

What were the challenges you had before going into the house?

I lost my father 13 years ago and since then, the burden of taking care of me and my siblings had been on my mother. I did not get the chance to enjoy my teenage years and a part of my youth because I always had to look for ways to make money. I sold clothes while I was at university. I would go to Yaba flea market in Lagos State and get first-grade secondhand clothes, which I would then package for sale. I tried to make extra money instead of waiting for my mother to shoulder all my responsibilities. I didn’t go into the details of my life in the house because I didn’t want people to give different interpretations to it or pity me. Sometimes, I didn’t get any contract for four months. Even when I got white-collar jobs, they did not last. People made me feel I was not good enough. However, I am grateful this has brought me this far.


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