I changed my name because I had a divine encounter with God — Grace-Charis Bassey

Nollywood Actress, Grace-Charis Bassey, formerly known as Belinda Effah, had recently announced the changing of her name which has become a household.

The actress in a recent interview with Sunday Scoop said her decision was inspired by an encounter she had with God.

She said, “I did not just decide to change my name. I changed it because I had a divine encounter with God last year and He changed my name from Belinda to Grace. Personally, I had wanted to change my name some years ago. Belinda has diverse meanings. Some people say it means ‘beauty’, but Linda means serpent. So, Belinda literally means Beautiful Serpent. God knew everything from the beginning and He knows what’s best for me, so He decided to change my name.”

She added, “For me, this is like rebranding. One has to have a strategy to reposition oneself in the forefront again. I am very excited to be doing this. I don’t mind rebranding. People already know the face; it’s just about relating the (new) name to the face. Companies rebrand all the time and my case is not different. Changing my name does not make me a different person.”

As regards the common saying that women from Cross River and Akwa Ibom states have high libido, the actress said, “I think it is a personal thing. It is just the same way it is said that Igbo people like money. Sex is a personal thing with a person one has feelings for and cares about.”

Bassey also advocated for the death sentence for rapists and child molesters. She said, “I don’t really have any experience as regards to sexual harassment. However, I have been seeing the trending topic on rape and I frown at it. I have acted in a number of movies that centered on rape and the first film I produced was also about rape. I believe the government needs to be more strict about the issue. I think the government is being too lax on this matter and it looks like they are actually encouraging rapists. Every time we hear cases of adults and minors being rape and the government seems to be silent about it. I think the death penalty should be applied to rape cases, so that potential rapists would think about it twice before jumping on the next woman they see to satisfy their sexual urges.”

On her current projects, the actress said, “We recently launched Nollywood Queens— a reality TV show. I am one of the ‘queens’ that would be gracing the TV screens for weeks to come. The cameras follow our activities every day. Through my business, Grace-Charis Bassey Empire, which is into fashion and lifestyle, I’m planning a fashion show. I am actually up to a lot.”

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