I cannot go under the knife because I love my body –Actress, Zainab Bakare

Nollywood Actress, Zainab Bakare, says she wouldn’t consider cosmetic surgery because she’s okay with her body.

Speaking in a recent intervirew, the light-skinned thespian said, “I am not saying going under the knife is bad and at the same time, I am not encouraging people to do it. But for me, I cannot go under the knife. I won’t do it because I love my body the way it is.”

The actress added, “Not only actresses compete; friends do it as well. It is what happens in any profession, so it shouldn’t be about actresses alone. However, I cannot say much about this issue because I don’t compete and I don’t let people’s successes make me feel like I’m not doing enough. I am satisfied and content with all I have. I celebrate with my colleagues and if I am yet to attain a particular height, I just pray to God to visit me on time. When one understands the principle of ‘time and season’, one would not compete with anyone.”


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