I can never act nude – Actress, Biodun Okeowo

Well-endowed Nollywood actress, Biodun Okeowo, aka Omoborty, who constantly flaunt her banging body on social media has said that she can never act nude.

The curvy actress told Saturday Beats, “I will never be caught acting naked. My experience in the industry has been beautiful, sweet and sour. Even the Bible says that the sky cannot be bright all the time because there will definitely be dark times.”

The mother-of-two also stated that she is now more focused on her business than acting. She said, “Coming into the industry in 2006 was so sweet and beautiful and I had a lot of expectations then. Few years later, I had some challenges that made me decide not to act again. I made up my mind to go into business. Afterwards, producers started requesting that I should feature in their movies. Then, I went back on set but not like it used to be because a lot of things that happened had killed a bit of the passion in me. Right now, I select the scripts I accept. I won’t be going on set as I used to do before because I am now into business which takes about 80 per cent of my time.

“Passion influenced my decision to be an actress. Secondly, I chose it as a means of livelihood. Then, I think it runs in the blood because my dad used to be an actor. He was a member of the Awarawa Theatre Group with Jide Kosoko and others.”

On her most challenging role she has played so far, Omoborty said, “None yet. I have never had any challenging role. But, I hope to have one soon. My latest project is not about movies. It is about different investments that are worth millions of naira.”

On the challenges she faces as an actress, she said, “One of the challenges of being an actress is losing my privacy and not being able to do the things I used to do before. Also, having to be extra careful because people would say that they see one as their role model. However, there are some things I do not compromise on, especially when it comes to not wearing outfits more than once because I am an actress. That does not work for me because they are my clothes and I can wear them as much as I like.

“I love to be real and I don’t (ever) want to be fake. If I board a motorcycle and I see something I like by the roadside, I would stop and buy it. I don’t care who sees me. Some people have seen me buying roasted plantain and I don’t care.”





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