I can get ANYBODY’S account suspended or blocked on Twitter – Kemi Olunoyo warns Davido’s fans

Controversial Nigerian journalist, Kemi Olunoyo today says she had been on Twitter for upto 12 years now and has the license to suspend and block any account that is abusive to her.

She wrote…

“Been on Twitter almost 12 years. Whatever you do in the name of being a Davido fan, NEVER make death threats on a Journalist. Thank u

@TwitterSupport for LOCKING and suspending this account. Consider deleting it. Hope he complies with your orders. Hopefully Davido will help him”

“In November 2019, I spent the whole day flagging and getting Twitter to lock, suspend and delete accounts. 15 in total. I should spend today doing the same. Start deleting your tweets. Davido won’t help you.”

“I’m very very powerful on SM. I can get ANYBODY’S account suspended or blocked ANYTIME.

@TwitterSupport begged me on Davido when he sexually harassed me in a tweet 2018. If it was America his career would have been over. They didn’t want to take down a verified acct on millions”

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