I believe in love so much but unfortunate to find true love – Doris Anyanwu

Nollywood actress, Doris Anyanwu says despite her endowment she was stereotyped to always play mum in movies which made her quit Nollywood only to come back and face a more damning challenge.

Speaking in a recent interview, the voluptuous, beautiful and talented actress further said. “I believe in love so much but I’ve been so unfortunate finding a true lover”. “I’ve not been able to find that partner that will go gaga and wild with me, possibly because of the kind of love I desire. But I’m hopeful that someday genuine, unconditional, true love will locate me.”

On reasons she took a break from Nollywood, she said, “I took a break from Nollywood because I got tired of being cast for mother roles. Just because I’m a plus-size woman, they always want me to play the role of a mother as young as I am. Imagine someone who is older than me, just because she is slim, I would be cast to be her mum. Not just that, the makeup artist will mask my face to look older! I couldn’t deal with that anymore. I kept wondering why a fat lady won’t be allowed to show her sexiness in movies.”

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