I am wonderfully made, I can never do plastic surgery –Seyi Edun

Popular Yoruba Actress and filmmaker, Seyi Edun, while speaking in a recent interview says she can never under plastic surgery.

She told Sunday Scoop, “There is no way I will ever consider plastic surgery. I believe that I am wonderfully and perfectly made by God. I have the good things in the right places. I love my body as it is and I watch my growth. I don’t think anything can push me into doing plastic surgery”.

She also said, “My most challenging role was in the movie, Ogo Olorun, which I co -produced. In that movie, I had to speak Yoruba all through. It was quite challenging because all the lines had to be delivered in Yoruba language without blending it with English.

On her parents reactions to her career, she said, “My parents supported my decision to be an actress, though my dad wanted me to be a lawyer. He wanted me to complete my education first, then I could choose to pursue whatever career path I wanted.”

She added,  “My greatest asset is my level of thinking and coordination. I think I am doing well in that area. It is one of the things that endear people to me.”

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