I am not a social media celebrity – Kim Oprah clarifies

Former beauty queen and Big Brother Naija housemate, Chinonso Opara, aka KimOprah, stated that criticisms and online trolling has made her become tough.

Speaking in a recent interview, the reality star said, “Firstly, I would not refer to myself as a social media celebrity. I am a celebrity outside social media. Secondly, when people judge and troll me online, my response is that people have their opinions and I really don’t bother about that anymore because they make me a better person and motivate me to do more. The more they troll me, the bigger I grow. I would never downplay my character to please anyone. I know that being myself in the BBN house helped me greatly. The same person people saw in the reality show is the same person they are seeing outside and even more because I was not given enough time. People know more about me now and many realise that they were quick to judge me.

“Living for social media validation really worries me because I feel everybody has a past. But, we are driven by what people say about us and how we are portrayed on social media. Most people tend to do things just for media validation and that should not be.”

On the threats some ex-BBN housemates have allegedly got from diehard fans who pitched their tent with other contestants, she said, “I am sure everybody has had experience with that in one way or the other. In the moment, it seems very scary and life threatening but by the next day, when everything blows up, it seems like a joke. However, nobody had ever acted on those threats, so I cannot really say I am bothered. It is just sad to see that human beings can actually go to that extent, unprovoked.”


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