I always get sexual advances from fans – DJ Switch

Popular Disc jockey, singer, rapper and producer, Obianuju Udeh, well known as DJ Switch while speaking in a recent interview reveal that she gets sexual advances from her fans.

She said, “Of course, I get sexual advances from fans. I don’t know any creative that doesn’t.” “There is a school of thought that thinks romance is a Western culture and there are some people that disagree. Women are very sensitive creatures, so if a man wants to excite his woman, he has to take his time in doing that. When a man excites his woman, everything becomes more pleasurable at the end of the day.”

On if all female DJs were lesbians. She added, “The disc jockeying profession has been dominated by men for a much longer time than women so some people have the notion that female DJs are lesbians. There are many male presidents in the world, so does that mean that female presidents are lesbians? I think that perception is silly. I believe a person’s sexuality is not up for conversation along with their profession. If someone is great at what they do, that’s what counts. DJs have a certain dress code because of the work they do. However, a female DJ can still be sexy and do her thing. It doesn’t make the person straight or gay. I don’t like to expose my body because I’m a shy person but I don’t have any problems with those that like to do that.”

On what informed the choice of songs she dished out when she played at the Big Brother Naija house some weeks ago, she said, “I just wanted the songs to flow. I had two things at the back of my mind. Firstly, I knew I was playing for millions of people across different age groups and status, so I took that into consideration. I played new songs and also songs that were well known. Also, I considered the housemates. When one is in a closed space of few people, their reactions matter so I watch their body movements. I know when to do a quick mix and when to let a song play longer.”

The former winner of the Glo X-Factor reality music competition spoke on effect of COVID-19 lockdown on herself saying, “People should learn how to save and invest. They should put money in things that would take care of them on the rainy days. Thankfully, I was able to take care of myself during that period. However, there is no doubt that this has been a difficult time for everybody in the entertainment industry because we depend a lot on events to make money.”

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