I achieved fame earlier than I thought but… – Blossom Chukwujekwu opens up

Nollywood Blossom Chuwujekwu has said people often told him that his rise to stardom was swift but the fact actually was that he faced some challenges.

Speaking in an interview, he said, “I think I achieved fame earlier than I thought. Everybody tells me that my rise was really fast. It has been amazing. There have been challenges but we have surmounted them and I don’t have any regrets. There are things one might think one could have done better, but there is really no time to regret. The most important thing is to move on and correct any mistake one thinks one has made. My journey, so far, has been really amazing and rewarding. I would credit it all to the grace of God. However, working hard and having the right people around one has been strategic as well. Also, one cannot discount the place of humility. Humility opens doors. One has to stay humble, irrespective of what one thinks one has achieved. I like to learn from people I work with, whether the person is experienced or inexperienced.”

if he had ever rejected a movie script, the ‘Oloture’ actor said, “I had been rejecting movie scripts right from when I started my career. For me, the message and execution is important. That is not to say I have not done some not-so-good ones but I reject scripts a lot. It has to fit my direction and appeal to my spirit. That is apart from the fact that scheduling might also make me reject a script.”

On the COVID-19 pandemic, Chukwujekwu said, “I play by different rules. I do not operate on this climate. I don’t mean to sound insensitive because I understand that a lot of people were really affected by this. I did what I could in my own little way to help. I pray that all this ends really soon.”


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