How My Mother Saved Me From Getting Married At Age 13 – Rahama Sadau Explains

Beautiful Nigerian Hausa actress, Rahama Sadau, has opened up on how she almost got married at the very young age of 13 but was saved by her mother.

The Kannywood actress, who recently gained her grounds in Nollywood, due to a sanction ban for the Northern movies practitioners, speaking in a recent interview spoke about her life as an actor, and on the issue of child marriage.

When asked what she had done or what she thinks can be done to change the perspective of getting children into marriage at an early age in the Northern part, the actress said:

 “Some of us have been fighting against early marriage and girl child education, though it is a very sensitive issue. Whenever you talk against early child marriage, religion will definitely come in. So, it is very sensitive.

“On my part, I’m trying to create awareness by sitting with parents to enlighten them. In my own case, I almost got married at the age of 13. So many things happened. But we are working on it.”

On how she survived that period, she said: “For me, I will always be grateful to my mum. She always wants us to achieve.”

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