How ‘King of Boys’ movie changed my life – Rapper, Illbliss

Popular rapper, Tobechukwu Ejiofor, aka Illbliss, had starred in Kemi Adetiba’s movie series, King of Boys and he was outstanding in his performance of ‘Odogwu Malay’.

Speaking in an interview with Sunday Scoop, Illbliss noted that the movie opened introduced him to a new generation. He said, “Nobody even remembers if I am IllBliss or Oga boss. The movie sold me to a new generation of film lovers. It was my first film. It was an experiment but it ‘blew up’. I am going to do more films but I am taking my time. As I speak to you, I have about 12 scripts on the table. Everybody is trying to have another ‘Odogwu Malay’. They are trying to typecast me and I have refused. The people I look up to are very dynamic— from Denzel Washington to Wesley Snipes. I will also be producing films in 2022. I am doing everything— short films, documentaries and feature films. I would also be putting out good music in 2022. King of Boys changed everything for me. It opened up new doors, corporate relationships and a new fan base. I don’t have a life anymore.”

If he had always seen himself as an actor, Illbliss said, “I just wanted to shoot a film. This is God telling one that it is not even in one’s hands. I give all the credit to Kemi Adetiba. If it wasn’t for her, I don’t think I would have had the guts to do such a movie.”

On the challenges of playing the role of ‘Odogwu Malay’, the rapper-cum-actor said, “It required a different range of emotions. Sometimes, one is happy and at other times, one is scared. I am the one they stretched the most after Sola Sobowale.”




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