How I was allegedly defiled by my father’s superior inside the barracks at 11 – Nigerian lady recounts

A Nigerian lady on Twitter narrated how she was allegedly defiled by her father’s superior in the barracks when she was celebrating her 11th birthday.

@LADEmie, said she was hawking Kunu, a locally made nutritious drink, to help raise money for her family’s upkeep when the superior allegedly lured her into his office and defiled her in 1998.

She wote:

”I was raped my by father’s superior In the military at my 11th birthday. He threatened to sack my dad if I told anyone. He could have killed me. I was 11, while I was hawking kunu to feed my family. He promised to buy my goods and I entered his office. We were in the barracks.


If I didn’t sell Kunu, we wouldn’t eat. My dad’s salary was nothing. It’s been 23 years, but it still fills like yesterday”

Lade who is now 34, said she doesn’t have photos of her abuser but remembers his first  name, Owolabi.



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