How I turned down a huge endorsement to spend time with my family – Toyin Lawani

Celebrity stylist, Toyin Lawani is ahead her 40th birthday in March revealed that she has been working on her “Tiannah Fortyfied” photoshoot and just wrapped day 1 of the the 3-day experience.

The mother of three also narrated how she turned down a huge endorsement deal with a popular brand on Friday because it coincided with the first day of her shoot so she can spend time with her family and shoot scenes for her upcoming birthday party.

She wrote

“Today I was meant to sign a huge Endorsement with a Big brand and at the same time , I had to shoot my family scenes for #TIANNAHFORTYFIED ,

My pr suggested I cancel the shoot and go ahead with the signing and I’m like , no amount of money in this world can make me cancel my family plans , ever , my Daughter is around for just few days and I have all of them under the same roof with the love of my life at the same time , wow that’s a priceless gift I have to enjoy, so I said nope ,

Cherish your family and loved ones while you can , Your Family will always be there for you , And who can see how swollen my knee is ??

Today was tough walking on it and staying without my neck brace , but killed all the scenes ,


It was shot at takuabey beach ,

Looking forward to tomorrows scene , I’m super excited

#kingofallQueens and #king of fashion all came out to play”


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