How I realized my wife was the one for me -Teju Babyface

Popular comedian, Teju Oyelakin a.k.a Teju Babyface spoke on how he realized his wife was the one for him.

The host of the Teju Babyface while speaking in a recent interview said:” After our first meeting in 2009, I saw her at a couple of other events. It was in 2011 that I finally knew I would marry her. I had broken up with the person I was going to marry at the time and a series of events led to me knowing that she was the one. The watershed moment for me was when I was talking to her over the phone and she chastised me for being with a couple of girls. She said I was supposed to be a role model, upstanding and disciplined and not running around with many girls. This made me realise she was the one for me because no one had spoken or dared to speak to me like that”.

On how his marital journey has been so far, the father of two said:”The marital journey has been beautiful and instructive and it has brought me to a place of continual and eternal gratitude to God because I realised how close I was to making a mistake. It has been a blessed journey, we got twins, a boy and a girl three years ago”.


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