How I intend to surpass my grandfather Awolowo’s achievements – BBNaija star, Seyi

Nollywood Actor and reality TV star, Seyi Awolowo, says he intends to surpass the giant strides achieved by his grandfather, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, by focusing on his core areas of expertise.

Speaking in an exclusive interview The Punch on Monday, the BBNaija star, while acknowledging the legendary impact of his grandfather in the political realm of Nigeria, said he had no reason not to aspire to be greater than him.

The 32-year-old said, “I intend to surpass him (Awolowo) even if his legend is legendary but I am going to look at it from my point of view. I am a little bit comfortable in the marketing, communication and entertainment spaces.

“So, let me make a mark in those spaces and see how they contribute to my overall growth. I believe if I am aspiring for any leadership role, I should have made a mark in the industry that I am coming from before branching into other things to make a big difference.

“So, it is just to start small, like they say, a little drop of water makes a mighty ocean, and with time, with the little efforts I put into different sectors, I believe that will propel me into the greatness I deserve.

“So, he (Obafemi) saw what he wanted and started going for it one bit at a time until he brought it into actualization. So, that is how I see it and I believe that I will achieve much more than him by God’s grace as I don’t see why I cannot aspire to be much greater than him.”

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