How I have stayed off scandals – Actress, Basirat Badia

Nollywood, Eniola Iyiola, better known as Basirat Badia, has said she has never had a scandal all through her 16 years in the movie industry but has been at the receiving end of rumours, which affected one of her past relationships.

NEWSCASTARS.COM learn that she said this while speaking in an interview with Sunday Scoop, adding that being an actor had not robbed her of the opportunity of living her life to the fullest. She said, “I have never had any scandal but when people start saying untrue things about one and they start posting things that are not real (on social media), not only would it affect one, one’s partner might also start having trust issues. I only share things I want people to know. I try to keep my private life out of social media because of my fiancé. You can imagine a situation where people start talking about one and spreading rumours about one. That affected one of my past relationships which had lasted for three years. Because of that, I don’t want people to know anything about my relationships.

“I would also not say that my acting career has robbed me of living my best life. It basically depends on the way one looks at it. Acting is a profession I chose to do. Out of no time, I always create time for myself. Acting cannot affect me because I can forfeit some things to make other things happen. Most importantly, I can always work on my schedule.”

On actors could not having successful marriages because of their public lives. She said, “One can be successful in one’s marriage, whether one is an ace actor or not. One can have a perfect home. It depends on the individual. It is a ‘no’ for me when people say actors cannot have successful marriages because their lives are in the public space. When some people attain a little level of fame, it gets to their heads but one should not allow fame control one. Rather, one should control it. One of the things people do not understand is that once one decides to get married, one has to marry that person out of love, because if one does not marry out of love, it would affect one. Even if one is earning more than one’s partner and is more popular, it should not get to one’s head to the extent of misbehaving. Things like that would definitely affect the marriage. If one knows what one is doing, one can have a successful career and still maintain one’s home and marriage.”


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