How I have been able to avoid naughty requests from female fans – Actor, Nosa Rex explains

Nollywood Actor and social media comedian, Nosa Rex, says being a married man helps him to avoid naughty requests from female fans.

He told Sunday Scoop, “I am a married man, so I always look for ways to run (when I get funny requests from female fans). Women would always come and make some funny statements. But, I have been handling them well. As a married man, I am staying focused; no distractions.”

He added, “I started doing comedy skits because I wanted the world to see my funny side. People that are close to me can attest to the fact that I’m funny. It was hard showing the world because when you look at me, you may not think that I can be funny. I usually play lover boy roles. I just decided that I would use my skits to show the world my funny side since nobody would give me that opportunity. The COVID-19 pandemic helped me to discover myself fully.”

If being on social media open doors for him, he said, “Social media is the new market and I am very active on social media. By the grace of God, it has helped a lot. It has opened lots of doors and I have different endorsement deals and recognition. It has really done a lot for me. I am a brand influencer for people and I get paid.”


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