Hot weather: Man falls, dies from two-storey building while sleeping

A spare part dealer identified only as Dauda, has died after falling from a two-storey building in Ilorin, Kwara State while sleeping due to the hot weather.

The incident occurred around 12pm on Friday at Ile Oniyo, Ita Merin, Ilorin. Report has it that many residents in the Ilorin metropolis in recent times sleep outside their apartments due to the scorching heat of the dry season.

The deceased is said to be dealer at the Jengbe Spare Parts Market, Ilorin. A colleague of the deceased, who identified himself as Alfa Abdul, said, “The house is a three-storey building but there is a place where people relax and sleep to enjoy breeze as people no longer sleep in their rooms because of the heat in town as a result of the dry season.

“When he returned home, he went there to sleep as usual. Unfortunately, during what is now suspected to be a periodic limb movement disorder, he fell from the place where he slept to the ground.

“They tried to rush him to a hospital, but he was already dead. He has since been buried according to Islamic rites.”

One of the zonal chairmen in the market, who gave his name as Baba Musa, confirmed saying;

“Dauda just celebrated his freedom from his master in this market; he was gentle and obedient. We will miss him, but Allah knows best.”

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