Hoodlums are not a part of the ongoing #EndSARS movement – Davido

 Nigerian singer, Davido, has stated that violent hoodlums are not a part of the ongoing #EndSARS movement.

He tweeted:

“After seeing all that’s gone on today I just want to say that from the beginning we have preached that the protest must remain peaceful & Law Abiding and as far as I know we have kept to that! And we will continue to keep to that so the narrative can NOT be switched up on us!

The people they claim broke into prisons to free convicted criminals, burn police stations to to steal weapons, damage police, government, & private vehicles are Criminals and everybody must condem these acts. They are not part of our movement !

#EndSars is a peaceful and law abiding protest that is going somewhere great! And no mischief can scatter it!”

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