Here is the reason Ajumobi wife don’t have any reason to blame Gov.Seyi Makinde.

You ignored Calls from the Governor’s SA. You ignored calls from the Deputy Governor. They were calling you to ask to take custody of your husband’s treatment. You claim you didn’t know they were the ones calling. They should have sent text messages now. Because you dont have truecaller on your phone.

The Governor went through the back door, called Deputy Governor Hamzat to find out what was going on. That one released the contact of the Consultant in care of your husband and they called her to come for a discussion.

They were expecting her, she was on her way, she told her husband (who was an appointee under your husband), husband asked wife to reroute. Who knows why?

Maybe the husband knows the political implications of his ex-Boss dying under his successor and political opponent’s watch and he doesnt want his name dragged in the mud, wants Ajimobi’s family to take all the decisions.

Or maybe he is scared that Makinde might be interested in the death of his predecessor. Who knows? Politicians are Politicians!!!

Makinde did not see your husband’s Consultant he was waiting for. What did you expect him to do.

Ok, last option, now lets call Gov Sanwoolu. Sanwo picks, for reasons above his pay grade could not bring Makinde into the loop. Makinde reads between the lines, says Sanwo should take over then and let him know if there is anything he can do. Thank God the Consultant did not even come. “Shey Makinde’s oju-aanu would have kobalized him?”

Sadly, Ajimobi died. You still refused to contact the Governor or government.

Shey bi in your mind, the governor didn’t know when he actually died. But wetin guy man still wan do? He should go and announce the death and then you people should refute it again and accuse him of actually being happy?

Waiting game starts……wait wait wait

Suddenly, a call comes in. Vice President Osinbajo on the line…..Hello sir……….

Na Vice President dey tell Governor say your husband don pass away. He cannot be asking stupid questions now…..VP goes ahead to ask Makinde to release Agodi GRA property for burial, Makinde responds that the case on that property is in court. Of course him be SAN now, hin understand

Baba Obasanjo’s call was to follow. Same response to Baba.

Government laws do not permit burials in that GRA settings but Government still magnimously approved the Oluyole GRA for burial, at least no court case on that one.

As at this time, still no info from anyone from your family apart from burial spot.

But, Makinde cannot say he has not heard now, (afterall VP Osinbajo mentioned it in on the phone) goes ahead to declare all flags be flown at half mast, went on Twitter to eulogize him, saying Ajimobi left a governance blue print for him. (Which we know say na lie but we ignored. Of cos what do we gain?)

A state executive council meeting called, to deliberate on ways to immortalize your husband and give a state burial. Then, they called you again, you still did not pick or return the calls.

Assuming you were mourning and was too weak to pick calls, at least you could have asked any of your workers, either driver or security or maid to find out who is calling with their own phones now.

Oh, maybe Makinde was trying to score political points by organizing a state burial…..oooh, yea…..okay. Multiple numbers followed…… multiple times…. still no response.

Next thing, Makinde saw was a press release from Tunji Bolaji that the burial would be strictly a family affair. And then, thousands struggling for food after the burial. Politics and wealth over life and death. Sad!

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