Groom Walks Out After He Caught His Bride Kissing Another Man On Their Wedding Day (Video)

In a trending video on social media, a groom ends his wedding after he caught his wife kissing another man on their wedding day.

In the short clip, the incident which reportedly happened in Ijedodo, Lagos State shows the husband angrily walking away from his wedding venue as the bride was following and begging him.

The bride, when asked who the man she was getting cozy with is; kneeling and pleading with her husband to reconsider his decision saying “he is just a friend”.

The groom angrily said “he is just a friend and you are kissing” with another asking the bride “are you whining us?”.

It was however learnt that the groom was unable to continue with the wedding procession as a result of his bride’s ‘infidelity’.



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