Gervonta Davis Arrest Warrant Issued Over Alleged Assault

A judge in Fairfax County, Va., has issued an arrest warrant for boxer Gervonta Davis on a charge of misdemeanor assault, Fairfax County Police said Tuesday afternoon.

The warrant was issued Feb. 27 based on sworn testimony from the alleged victim in the incident, Fairfax County Police Lt. John Lieb said. It was not issued based on police testimony.

Lieb said police have made “numerous” attempts to contact Davis by telephone to serve the warrant but have received no response. He said the alleged assault occurred on Feb. 17 and that Fairfax County officers had contact with Davis that day, but he said he could not provide further details.

The alleged incident occurred at an upscale Virginia mall. A representative for Davis, 24, said he had no immediate comment, but the boxer addressed the report in two posts on Twitter. “Lies lies lies,” he said in one

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