Georgia Teen Gets Accepted To 31 Colleges With Almost A Million Dollars In Scholarship Offers!

Congrats to Georgia Teen KaylaWillis who got accepted to 31 colleges!
Kayla is a senior at Westlake High School Atlanta, who scored an average SAT score. She did not allow that to stop her from applying to 40 universities.
Kayla stated “I didn’t want to limit myself.” She also wanted to find ways to apply for colleges for free. Although tuition and applications cost, she reached out to every school and asked if they could waive the fees. The only thing she had to pay for was postage, and in the end she received $925,000 in scholarship offers.
Not only did Kayla get accepted to 31 colleges, she is also involved in her community organizations such as Going Against the Grain. This organization helps better the community for kids and teens. It also helps middle schoolers embrace their natural hair with the natural-hair club that they offer. The organization is also planning to start a mental-health club for next year.
Kayla is majoring in Spanish and International Businesses, and she’s decided that she will attend  Fisk University in Nashville, Tennessee this fall.

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