Four friends torture man to death over missing phone, device found on chair

Four men have been arraigned before a Yola Chief Magistrate’s Court over the death of a 28-year-old man, Adamu Ahmadu, wrongly accused of stealing a phone.

Ahmadu, who was the son of a security guard working with the Adamawa Broadcasting Corporation, Yola, was accused by Hamidu Umar, the son of the deposed ward head of Damare, Yola South Local Government Area, of stealing his mobile phone on January 22, 2022 but the deceased denied the allegation and Umar reportedly insisted he produce the phone.

Ahmadu it was learnt that the 55-year-old and three others resorted to torture to force out a confession from the victim. The other three defendants were identified as Sholle Manas, Faisal and Nahau.

Umar, assisted by Faisal and Nahau, allegedly took the victim to an uncompleted building around 5.30pm and tortured him with wood and broken blocks and he sustained fractures in his two hands, among other injuries, which resulted in his death.

During their re-arraignment on February 15, 2022, Umar maintained his not guilty plea, while the second defendant, Manas, who had initially pleaded not guilty, changed his plea.

Manas told the court while pleading guilty that he met the first defendant and the two others beating the deceased, and was instructed by Umar to join them in beating Ahmadu.

The third and fourth defendants, listed in the court records, were at large. According to a first information report, “Ahmadu was rescued by the new Ward Head of Damare, Sahabo Umar, who also reported the case at the Wuro Hausa Police Station.

“However, Umar, upon his return home, found the missing handset on a sofa in his palour.”

The report further stated that the victim, who was rushed to the Federal Medical Centre, Yola, for medical attention, died on Sunday, February 13, 2022 and was buried in accordance with Islamic rites.

The Chief Magistrate, Dimas Gwamu, adjourned the case till the following day for continuation of trial and sentencing of the defendant who pleaded guilty.

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