Former ‘Voice’ Contestant Janice Freeman Passes Away At The Age Of 33

The ‘Voice’ singer Janice Freeman has passed away at 33. She died from an apparent blood clot on Saturday.
 Janice has had a few health issues in the past,  such as battling cervical cancer and lupus. She recently had a blood clot travel to her heart.
Janice was at her home in Pasadena, California when she started complaining to her husband Dion that she could not breathe. Her husband called 911 and performed CPR. Once she was taken by paramedics to a hospital she was pronounced dead Saturday evening.
Back in 2017, the singer was a contestant on the ‘Voice.’ She was known for singing “I’m Going Down” and “The Story.”
 She was on Miley Cyrus’ team and made it to the top 11. Even after the show, the two kept in touch. Miley Cyrus posted on her Instagram story, thanking Janice for everything.
Miley covered the family’s security deposit for a temporary two-bedroom apartment and six months of rent. According to @aol Janice stated “Miley, you my dawg, like my best friend, and I will defend you to the bitter end.”
We will keep Janice and her family in our prayers.

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