FFK shares conspiracy theory about the symbolism of the day Taliban took over Afghanistan

Former minister of aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode took to his Instagram to share conspiracy theories about the symbolism of the day the Taliban overthrew the Afghanistan government and the number on the US plane that evacuated people from Kabul airport.

He said that the Taliban “took control of Afghanistan as Al Qaeda turns 33 years 3 days old and exactly 33 months 3 weeks after one of the founders of The Taliban (Mullah Abdul Gani Baradar) was released by request of the US Government” adding that the number 3 has an “occultic symbolism”.

He also made reference to the registration number of the U.S. military plane that was evacuating people out of Kabul on the day the Taliban took over saying the registration number of the plane, 1109, when turned backwards, reads “911” and represents the figures and date of 1984 according to the Jewish calender” then linked it to George Orwell’s book titled 1984.

He concluded: “This is not a conspiracy theory: these are FACTS! I fear for Nigeria and the world. I fear because most people have no idea about what is unfolding and what the New World Order is all about.”


His post below:


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