Ferrari Okoro speaks on reason she can take on sexual role in a movie

Nollywood Actress, Ferrari Okoro, has said she can play an erotic role but would not do anything that would make her uncomfortable.

Speaking with Sunday Scoop, she said; “As an actor, one should be versatile and be able to play any role. I don’t think I have pulled off any romantic role that is way out of my comfort zone. I would not go for any sexual role that would make me uncomfortable.”

The half-Cameroonian and Nigerian movie star, who is presently based in the United States of America, had attracted diverse reactions when she recently showered praises on Nigerian men. On her reason, the busty actress said, “Nigerian men deserve it (praise). When one visits the USA and sees what white men do, one would appreciate Nigerian men more. Some of the white men here don’t want to work .We were having a conversation recently at work and a Kenyan man said in his country, when a man gets married to a woman, it is seen as he doing her a favour. Can you imagine that kind of mindset? When one goes to the US, one would appreciate Nigerian men better. I needed to make that video to appreciate Nigerian men. If a Nigerian man comes to visit one, he would smell nice and look good. Here, they smell like they are coming from the dunghill.”

On being called ‘sexy’, she said; “I would not say I am sexy. I would rather say I am fearfully and wonderfully made because that is what is in the Bible. Once a woman starts seeing herself as sexy, pride would set in. When one looks at oneself, one should appreciate the work of God in one’s life. I love my stature but I would not say I am sexy.”

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