Fela’s daughter attacks celebrities…. See reason

Motunrayo Anikulapo-Kuti, daughter of late afro-beat maestro, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, has gone after Nigerian celebrities over their refusal to address socio-economic and political problems in the country.

She is of the opinion that they could use their celebrity status to change things and make better things happen.

The brae woman said she has no respect for celebrities guilty of this accusation because to her they are dummies who do not have the progress of the nation at heart.

She said:

“Nigeria is lost. Why do Nigerians like too much fake life? Why are people with voices not addressing the problems we have in Nigeria? Why is everybody acting like all is well when clearly it isn’t? If you are a celebrity and you can’t speak up about the state and problems in our so called great country Nigeria, I don’t respect you. To whom voice is given voice is expected, morons. Politician will promise your village wheel barrow and bore holes and they will be happy. You’re here in Lagos claiming happiness is free. I don’t even know who is crazy again”,

“I have no respect for these motherfuckers’ men. You can kiss my big wide fat ass with your luxury houses and cars and life style cause to me you are brain dead.  Celebrity mumu, government chicken slay mama, government chicken slay papa,  Opkonu, dummy, jokers, uneducated slay papa”, she added.

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