Federal Ministry of Agriculture should be scrapped, it was created for fertilizer – Gov Masari tells FG

Katsina State Governor, Aminu Bello Masari, says the Federal Ministry of Agriculture should be scrapped as it’s no longer needed.

The governor who backed the call for the review of the Nigerian constitution, observed that there is the need to have a constitution that will address the several conflicts facing the country.

“I do believe that we should look at this constitution. There is the need to also look at those institutions that seem to give us all the same names while we are different.


“I think it is important we understand all these things and live as Nigerians,” Masari said

He said the Ministry had outlived its purpose and is no longer needed saying fund given to the Federal Ministry of Agriculture is devolved to states and local governments, Agriculture will be greatly enhanced in the country.


“There are many ministries at the federal level with over 200 parastatals and agencies, how can one person as a minister provide effective oversight?


“You see, there are certain jobs that even if you bring an Angel, unless you change the way it is being done, his performance will not meet the expectations of the people,” he said.


“For example what is the FG doing with agriculture when they have no land? How many parastatals and agencies are there under the Ministry of Agriculture? What are they all doing?


“If you devolve this money to states and LGAs, agriculture will be doing better,” Masari said.


“In the first republic, all we had was the Institute of Agricultural Research in Ibadan, not the Federal Ministry of Agriculture.


“This Ministry was created for fertilizer. I think we have passed that stage now.”

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