Fan Sends Iggy Azalea a Vial Of Semen In The Mail

There are many ways for fans to show their love for their favorite entertainers, but this is just too much. Iggy Azalea is excited for her “Sally Walker” surprise she has coming up for fans, but she took to Twitter to blast someone who sent her a tube of man juice. The rapper said that her poor office assistant who is responsible to sorting through the mail opened the package without knowing what was inside. Needless to say, everyone was disgusted.

“Someone sent a vile of semen in the mail and the office assistant had to unknowingly open the package. I -Who -🤮 FBI!!!” Iggy also mentioned that she would be contacting authorities to make sure this person was identified. “We have your DNA! Idiot. Hope you like the sex offenders registry. Anyway *dry hurling* subject change? PLEASE.”

We couldn’t imagine what it must have been like to come across something like that in the mail, but surely she would have appreciated a lovely fan letter instead. In less disgusting news, Iggy has been enjoying her time with beau Playboi Carti and announced back in December 2018 that shes inked a $2.7 million with hip hop, San Fransisco-based company EMPIRE.

“I’m so excited to begin a new entrepreneurial chapter in my career with EMPIRE as my partner,” Azalea said at the time. “The ability to have control of my own artistic future is a long-awaited and monumental change in my life. I genuinely feel I am in the best position to achieve my creative ambitions.”

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