Facts About The Late Reggae Artiste, Ras Kimono

Newscastars.com com have gathered some list of the things you may not know about Ras Kimono, below are list of them as gathered from Nairaland:

  1. Ras kimono has about 5 children according to report, his last born was given birth in the year 2013 in Lagos, Nigeria by his third wife, her name is Efe and he used to be his music manager before relationship entered the scene.
  2. Ras Kimono recently celebrated his 60th birthday about a few weeks ago and now he is dead. This means Ras Kimono was 60 years old when he died.
  3. He had about 3 wives, we do not know if he had them all at the same time, or divorced one and married another.
  4. The hit songs of Ras kimono are: Kill apartheid, Slavery Days, and rumours of mongers.
  5. No one can easily point to when he started singing or when he is career fully started, but his breakthrough came in 1989 when he released the album “Gwan in 2007 and Under Pressure in 2010.
  6. Ras kimono was born in Nigeria, Delta State, Warri to precise and he moved to Lagos to.
  7. Ras Kimono Last Interview was with Premium Times Nigerian Online Newspapers on July 30th 2017.





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