Eucharia Anunobi visits Uche Elendu looted store, lay curses on Doris Ogala, those who said she lied about the incident (Video)

Veteran Nollywood Eucharia Anunobi lay curses on those who accused Uche Elendu of lying about her looted.

Uche Elendu had shared videos of her store vandalized by looters and her colleague Doris Ogala claimed that Uche was showing off other people’s looted stores.

However during, a prayer session organized at Uche’s looted store, Eucharia Anunobi, who also doubles as an evangelist, alongside actress Monalisa Chinda were present.

While praying, Eucharia placed curses on those who accused Uche Elendu of lying that her store was looted to chase clout.

Eucharia said: “It could have happened to anybody yet some wicked people opened their mouth and say you are chasing clout.

“Somebody sees millions, having been invested and it is lost and says you are chasing clout…

“Today I stand in the authority of the name that never fails and I say as God has spoken that evil shall not depart from those who pay evil for good.

“Today I decree with the unction of God upon my life, I say, Lord, those who are speaking evil concerning this your shop and saying you are chasing clout when there is absolute vandalization after millions have been invested…

“Today, may they never ever set up a shop. If they have ever set up a shop, may their shop burn to ashes in the name of Jesus.”

Uche Elendu replied “Amen” to the prayer while silently crying.


Video below:

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