Electoral Act: Stop blackmailing Buhari, allow him do his job – Gov. Uzodinma blasts Nigerians

Imo State Governor, Hope Uzodinma has warned Nigerians against forcing and blackmailing President Muhammadu Buhari into signing the Electoral Act Amendment Bill into law saying he had the constitutional backing to study the bill and address areas he is not comfortable with.

Speaking with journalists in Owerri, Imo State, the Governor said;

“I don’t understand the anxiety and the propaganda of trying to force the President or blackmail the President into signing the Electoral Act without following the constitutional dictates by ensuring that he studies the Electoral Act.

“He has the mandate of all of us; over 200 million Nigerians to study the act and if there are things in his opinion that he considers not to be in the best interest of the people, he has to address it.

“All these social clubs and anxiety here and there, it is not the best thing. I think we should allow the President to do his job,” he said.

Buhari is yet to sign the Electoral Act Amendment Bill into law after the Senate transmitted it to him but reports emerged yesterday that Buhari will sign the bill on Friday.

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