Ekiti is in trouble again as Fayemi is the governor elect

Mrs Fisayo Ogulana, an indigene of Ekiti State has opined that APC, Dr Kayode Fayemi’s victory as governor elect of the state is a death sentence passed on Ekiti workers saying that teachers should get ready to die.

Her words:

“Ekiti is in trouble again; let all the teachers be ready for their death.

“This is death sentence passed on the workers and people of Ekiti.

“Giving the hard time the state suffered with Fayemi as governor before and they voted him out, our people will not have voted him into office again; something is wrong.

“I am confident that the result will be contested in court and upturned in favour of the true will of the people,”

She added that:

“My parents back home and most of the neighbours did not vote Fayemi; they must have rigged the election.

“Even when you interact with people in Ekiti, you will see that they do not want Fayemi and the discussion among the people reflects it; we are surprised that Fayemi won,”

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