E-money is his family last born and successful, stop asking your older ones money- Daddy Freeze tells last borns

Controversial media-personality, Daddy freeze has taken to his Instagram page to send an important message to all last borns.

He claimed to have meet the senior sister of billionaire businessman Emoney while at his party and ewas told that Emoney is their family’s last born child.

Freeze then motivate last born who most times feel entitled and want help from their elder siblings to take responsibility for themselves.

He said:

“At Emoney’s party, I met his elder sister who looked quite young anda conversation ensued. She informed me that Emoney was actually her younger brother; to be precise their last born.

Dear ‘last borns, this should motivate vou to stop waiting for hand me clowns from your older siblings. If Emoney can do it, so can you. Thank you! Send this message to every last born you know and copy and paste their response in the comment section below..

~FRZ “

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