Dorathy not Brighto should be blame for not keeping her mouth shut about their oral s*x – Bobrisky

Popular crossdresser, Bobrisky has defended Brighto who said he ran away from Dorathy in the Big Brother House after she left him with a swollen d**k after giving him a blow job.

Dorathy had confirmed during last night’s episode of BBN reunion that she performed oral sex on Brighto and accused him of not speaking to her the next day.

Brighto on Twitter today said he didn’t bother to speak to Dorathy because he had a swollen dick.


Reacting on Instagram, Bobrisky wrote: “no one should blame this guy, please blame the other lady for not keeping her mouth shut.

Even if the guy came out to talk first, as a mature lady you were meant to deny it and move on. But instead, she also Narrated how she had oral sex with him. These are the girls I want in the front seat. Many of them are just girls for gender sake they have zero class in them.”

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