Dismissed Policeman arrested for killing his fiancee’s mother over canceled wedding

A former police officer, Ogwu Christian, has been arrested for allegedly killing his fiancée’s mother, Veronica Obiejieogo, for canceling their wedding date.

According to police report, Christian and his fiance, Blessing Obiejieogo, planned to get married last year and picked December 27th 2018 for their wedding day after giving Blessing money to buy clothes and some other items they would use on that day. Few days to the ceremony, it was learnt that Blessing became evasive as he no longer got updates on the wedding plans from her.

When he noticed that the wedding will no longer go as planned, Christian who was dismissed from the police force in 2005, became so angry that he stormed the home of his fiance and shot the mother in the head at close range. He thereafter fled the scene on a motorcycle. He relocated afterwards to Port Harcourt, Rivers state and has been in hiding.

Operatives of the Inspector-General of Police Intelligence Response Team went after Christian following a petition to the IGP, Mohammed Adamu, on the incident. After months of tracking him, the suspect was arrested recently in Port Harcourt, while he allegedly was about to carry out a fraudulent deal.

Speaking to newsmen, Christian said he killed Blessing’s mother because he felt betrayed

“I met Blessing at Ogwuachukwu Polytechnic, Delta State, where she was a student. She told me she was single and we started a relationship. In the process, she became pregnant but she aborted it. She said she could not have a child for me because I wasn’t known to her family.

“In April 2018, I went for a formal introduction and her family asked me to come back for a more elaborate ‘introduction ceremony.’ On September 7, 2018, I went back with my family for the ceremony and they gave us the list of things required for the marriage. In October, Blessing informed me that she was pregnant. We then fixed the wedding for December 27, 2018 and I gave her money to buy clothes that we would use for the marriage.

“On December 5, 2018, she called me and said she was on her way to Asaba, where I resided and after waiting for her for a long time, I called her, but she didn’t pick up her calls. One of her brothers known as Friday informed me that she had a miscarriage and was at the hospital in Asaba with her mother. I went to the hospital but I was not allowed to see Blessing and her mother.

“Some days later, I called her to know what was going on. She told me she was in her friend’s place in Asaba. I went there but I didn’t see her after waiting all day. On December 21, 2018, she told me on the phone that she had travelled to Lagos. I became very angry and met with one of my friends known as Steven.”

The ex-policeman explained that he rented a gun with two live cartridges from Steven for N10,000 and headed for his fiancée’s village on December 26th, 2018, the eve of his aborted wedding.

“I went to a shop close to my fiancée’s house and bought a bottle of dry gin and Tramadol. I took them at once to get inspiration so that I would not change my mind. While I was at the shop, I sighted her mother and her younger brother walking towards my direction. I went to them, brought out my gun and shot the woman. I then zoomed off on a motorcycle and relocated to Rivers State.”

A family member of the deceased however said she cancelled the wedding between Christian and Blessing after she discovered he was a fraudster.

“The incident that got the deceased angry was when Christian defrauded two residents of her community, whom he had offered to help secure jobs at the Federal Road Safety Commission. He collected N25,000 each from the victims, but he didn’t get them the jobs as promised,” the source added.

Confessing to being a fraudster, Christian said he took to crime after he was dismissed from the police force

“I attended training at the Police College, Ikeja, Lagos. I was posted to the Edo State Police Command, where I served for five years before I was dismissed. I joined a fraud syndicate operating in Asaba. The man who initiated me into the syndicate taught me all the tricks.

“I started using my police experience to defraud people. I adopted the rank of an Assistant Superintendent of Police and people started coming to me for assistance.

“Some policemen, who wanted promotion, paid me to help them because I told them I was working in the IGP’s office in Abuja. People who wanted to get recruited into the police also came to me and I usually collected N150,000 per person.

“Those applying for Cadet ASP, paid me N400,000 each. In some cases, I succeeded in helping them, using my connections.”

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