Did Simi just disgraced her mother publicly?

Simi‘s mother took to Twitter on New Year day to announce that she was starting a creche and school and she made a mistake using ‘retreat’ instead of ‘retweet’, which her daughter decided to correct her public.

Simi’s mother wrote…

“I am starting a Creche, Pre school and After School in Adisa Adetoye street near Tipper Garrage, Ketu/CAC church axis by end of January. Please retreat for me because my future customers might be your friends or families. The name of the Creche is Sharp Minds Creche. Thanks”

Simi replied

“Mum it’s retweet. Nobody’s gonna retreat for you”

Responding to Simi, her mother wrote

“Thanks for the correction. At least it means all the money I paid into Covenant University is not wasted. Our prayer is that our children will know more than us. I have made it because my princess is woke. I hope I got that. Happy New year baby”

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