Dianne Russet writes those stigmatising women for shaving their hair

BBNaija star, Dianne Russet, has expressed displeased at the reactions that trailed her new look after she shaved her hair.

Speaking with Saturday Beats, the Actress said, “I don’t define beauty based on one’s hair. I feel I should be able to decide what I want for myself without feeling insecure. I know that I am still beautiful the way I am. I cut my hair because I wanted to start all over again and grow healthy hair from the root. However, the reactions I got for my look made me realise that people need to do better with their comments. Imagine someone saying I look like a cancer patient. The insensitivity made me very upset. I don’t think anyone should make an unfeeling comment about a disease that we do not have control over.

“One can do every healthy thing but still have cancer. There could be people in the comment section that are even battling with cancer. Why should I be stigmatised for cutting my hair? A man can completely shave off his hair, dye his hair and even grow it and nobody would raise an eyebrow. How does cutting my hair make me look like a cancer patient? I have seen people cut their hair because of different ailments and that does not mean they are no longer beautiful. I don’t think my hair is what defines me as a woman. There are wigs that I could wear if I don’t feel comfortable but that should be my choice. Those reactions gave me an idea of what cancer patients might be going through. I know that the world is messed up but one should not decide to be a bitter person. There are people that suffer from Alopecia areata (hair loss), so how are they supposed to feel. We need to be enlightened.”

When asked how her boyfriend found her new look, she said, “I am not in a relationship for now but thankfully, my family found my new look amusing and that is fine for me. Some love it, some don’t.”

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