Depression! Nigerian Woman Post Disturbing Post With Pictures Of Her Kids

A Nigerian caterer has left her friends in a panic mode after she shared a disturbing post as she is suffering from serious depression.

She shared photos of her kids and stated that other people would love them more than she does but felt that nothing good was coming from her life.

She wrote;

“They complete me.

That moment you know no one loves you, want you, believes you, trusts you.

Who knows that feelings you feel dejected by someone you thought was in love with you and boom you find out it’s been all lies.

Or is it when you know you are bad luck and can never be useful to anyone.

How can I miss out on why your past keeps affecting your present and your future?even though the past cheated you and made you be what you are not.

When I look at this pictures of my adorable kids I know my beautiful family loves them than I do.

@lizzyolejeme @alexandramylee@kaodili__ @krobe_ @ujunwa0_ always and do take take care of Jaden & Jaden, will definitely comeback for them at the right time.

@glaminky tell your brother inlaw all I have said is nothing but the truth, Godwill make a way for him & lastly he should never let anyone maltreat my flesh & blood. Bring them up in the way of Christ & teach them how to love their neighbor & enemies.

How can I forget my wonderful sisters I met via @naijabrandchick the tribe is the future.

Lastly to my awesome customers who have patronized me, thank you and I will miss doing what I know how to do best.

@tradloft @daisy_macaulay @cute_karamelyou already know what I feel for you all.

Till we met again!

Help others in depression asi leave in peace with love???”



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