Depression is real, be sensitive of people around you – Singer Mo’Cheddah advises

Nigerian singer, Modupe Olateru-Olagbegi, popularly known as Mo’Cheddah has advised her fans to be more sensitive to people around them.

The mental health advocate on Wednesday wrote about depression on her Instagram page, saying that the condition “is eating up the people you love the most.”

Mo’Cheddah wrote, “Depression is vividly real. It’s there; it’s everywhere, It’s eating up the people you love the most. It’s slowly killing people while they live.

“Why do people commit suicide? It’s because they are exhausted. Their minds play tricks on them, and their bodies can feel it, so they believe it.

“Suicide seems to be the only way for a tired and depressed person. It’s the only way they think they will find peace.

“Sadly I know people keep saying ‘be nicer to people’, but that has nothing to do with a depressed person wanting to leave this world.

“The saddest part about suicide news is other suicidal people see it as bravery. You become jealous of someone that was ‘brave enough’ to do it.

“Want to know how you can help? Be more sensitive to people around you. Get them help immediately. Get professional help; not a long boring conversation about how life is hard for everyone. Depression is your brain failing you; like your heart or kidneys can.”


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