David Beckham is a legend when it comes to soccer. He may have started his career in England but he eventually found his way to the MLS where he played for the LA Galaxy. Thanks to his contributions to American soccer, Beckham was honored with a statue which has been erected outside of the Galaxy’s stadium. While the real statue looks pretty good, James Corden who hosts The Late Late Show thought it would be funny to prank Beckham with a fake statue that looks nothing like him.In the clip, Corden shows his prop team creating the statue and then bringing it to the LA Galaxy stadium to show Beckham. The former soccer star is clearly appalled by the creation and gets pissed off in the process.

“It’s slightly different than it was when I saw it in Chicago. I mean, look at my chin,” Beckham says. “You know what, the only thing that’s good is the hair. That’s about it. I really don’t see how this can go out.”

After a while, Corden finally reveals himself to Beckham who clearly looks relieved that the whole thing was a big prank. Corden and Beckham are friends in real life so we’re sure the former English national team star isn’t too upset by the inconvenience.